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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Fog lights

Assembly overview - fog lights, Golf

Assembly overview - fog lights, Golf

1 -  Fog lights
Different versions. Refer to → Electronic Parts Catalogue.
Removing and installing → Chapter
2 -  Cap
3 -  Front fog light bulb
Left fog light bulb -L22-
Right fog light bulb -L23-
Removing and installing → Chapter
4 -  Bolt
Specified torque: 2 Nm
5 -  Bolt
Specified torque: 2 Nm
Removing and installing swivel module position sensor -G474-/-G475-
  Note Left swivel module position sensor -G474- and right swivel module position sensor -G475- are only fitted on gas discharge headlights. ...

Assembly overview - fog lights, GTI and GTD
1 -  Bolt Specified torque: 2 Nm 2 -  Bolt Specified torque: 2 Nm 3 -  Fog lights ...

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