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Tesla Model X 2015-2023 Owner's Manual: Voice Commands

Use voice commands to easily control settings and preferences without using the touchscreen. You can ask Model X to do just about anything, such as adjusting climate controls and media preferences. Available commands include most features that are managed by the touchscreen except driving-related commands, for example shifting drive modes.

Voice commands are designed to understand natural requests. You can use voice commands to:

To initiate a voice command, fully press the microphone button on the right side of the steering yoke. When you hear a chime, make your request and the vehicle responds.

Voice Commands

Examples of Voice Commands

Here is a list of example voice commands. This is not an exhaustive list. Tesla is constantly working to improve voice commands.

NOTE: To choose the language you want to use for voice commands, touch Controls > Display > Voice Recognition Language. Voice commands are not available in all languages.

Climate Controls

Adjust your climate preferences using voice commands:

Windshield Wipers

Update the windshield wiper speed and frequency based on changing road and weather conditions:

Vehicle Controls

You can also modify various controls in your vehicle using voice commands:

NOTE: Your vehicle must be in Park to enable some voice commands (such as Sentry Mode, Dog Mode, etc.).


To search for, or navigate to, a location, say:

If you have defined a navigation address for your home or work locations, you can use a voice command to navigate there by saying "Navigate home" or "Take me to work".


To call or text a contact on your Bluetooth-connected phone (see Phone and Calendar), say:


To listen to and adjust your media preferences, say:

To improve voice command recognition accuracy, provide multiple cues in your command, such as artist and song.

Apps and Settings

Easily navigate through your apps and settings using voice commands:

Some apps and settings are only accessible while in Park.

You can also file a bug report by saying "Report", "Feedback", or "Bug report".

NOTE: Tesla is continuously improving the ability of Model X to recognize voice commands. To support these ongoing quality improvements, Tesla captures short voice recordings anonymously. To protect your privacy, these short recordings are not associated with your personal information or with your vehicle's identification number. Tesla assures that it is not possible to search any system for a recording associated with a specific customer or vehicle.

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