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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Special pliers with insert

The special pliers without insert -VAS 1978/1- with insert for special pliers -VAS 1978/2- is part of the wiring harness repair set -VAS 1978- and is used to crimp connectors during wiring harness repairs.

Special pliers with insert

Colour of crimp connector Colour of crimp recess Wiring cross section
Yellow Yellow              0.35 mm2
Red Red 0.5 mm2 - 1.0 mm2
Blue Blue 1.5 mm2 - 2.5 mm2
Yellow Yellow 4.0 mm2 - 6.0 mm2
As an alternative, the connectors can also be crimped with crimping pliers (base tool) -VAS 1978/1-2- in conjunction with head adapters -VAS 1978/1-1- or -VAS 1978/2A- → Chapter.
Ensure without fail that the correct crimp recess is chosen for the crimp connectors being used.
The insulation on the wires must not be crimped.
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