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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Release tools for contacts

The various release tools serve as a means of detaching the different contacts from the contact housings without damage.
A selection of release tools is included in wiring harness repair set -VAS 1978- and wiring harness repair set -VAS 1978A-. The complete set of release tools is included in release tool set -VAS 1978/35- → Chapter.
Some tools are equipped with a tool safety device. This must be pushed over the tip of the tool after use in order to protect the tip and prevent injury.
Releasing and dismantling contact housings → Chapter.

Release tools for contacts

Special pliers with insert
The special pliers without insert -VAS 1978/1- with insert for special pliers -VAS 1978/2- is part of the wiring harness repair set -VAS 1978- and is used to crimp co ...

Assembly tools for single wire seals
The assembly tools serve as a means of sliding the single wire seals fully into the contact housing without damage and thereby assure complete sealing between single ...

Other materials:

Checking metering pump -V54- with end sealing valve
–  If you are uncertain as to whether the metering pump -V54--C- has an end sealing valve or not, connect e.g. hand vacuum pump -VAS 6213- to connection -A-. –  Use hand-operated vacuum pump to a generate a vacuum of ...

Removing and installing charge air cooler
Special tools and workshop equipment required     Hose clamps up to 25 mm -3094-   Drip tray for workshop hoist -VAS 6208- ...

Additional safety regulations for side airbag
Under no circumstances may seat covers be fitted which have not been specifically approved for use on Volkswagen seats with side airbags.   The backrest padding must not be cut out in the area of the side airbag. ...

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