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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Removing and installing inner door cover

Special tools and workshop equipment required
Removal and installation are described only for the left cover. The right side is similar.

Removal wedge -3409-
Removal wedge -3409-

Removing and installing inner door cover

–  Remove rear door trim → General body repairs, interior; Rep. gr.70.
–  Lift lower end of cover -1--arrow a-.
–  Pull cover -1- frontwards out of door -arrow b-.
If required for subsequent work, pull cable -3- with grommet -2- out of cover -1-. Separate connector at grommet (if there is one).


Removing and installing inner door cover

–  Fit cable -3- together with grommet -2- into cover -1-.
–  Attach grommet -2- to cover -1-.
–  Insert cover -1- into door -2--arrow a-.
–  Engage cover -1- around circumference -arrow b-.
Check proper seating of cover by pressing with fingers around circumference.
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