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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Refrigerant line with restrictor

Observe safety precautions → Chapter „Safety precautions when handling refrigerants“.
–  Comply with notes → Chapter „Working on refrigerant circuit“.
–  Observe safety precautions when working in the vicinity of high-voltage components → Chapter „Safety precautions when working in the vicinity of high-voltage components“.
–  Observe the risk category of the high-voltage system → Rep. gr.00.
The illustration shows a refrigerant line -A- with a permanently installed restrictor -B- (without strainer).
To remove the refrigerant line, remove refrigerant shut-off valve for high-voltage battery heat exchanger - N542- → Chapter, and remove refrigerant line from heat exchanger for high-voltage battery → Chapter „Removing and installing heat exchanger for high-voltage battery“.
The diameter of the shown restrictor hole -B- is approx. 0.7 mm. Depending on the refrigerant line version, this restrictor is permanently installed or it can be removed. For the removable version a strainer may be fitted to prevent the restrictor hole from being blocked by suspended particles.
Check restrictor hole -B- for soiling, and clean it or renew refrigerant line as necessary.
Different versions. Refer to → Electronic Parts Catalogue.

Refrigerant line with restrictor

Removing and installing heat exchanger for high-voltage battery
Special tools and workshop equipment required Hose clamps, up to 25 mm -3094- Engine bung set -VAS 6122- ...

Removing and installing refrigerant line between condenser and evaporator
Special tools and workshop equipment required         Engine bung set -VAS 6122 ...

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