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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Moving wipers to service position

Risk of damaging the bonnet when moving wipers back into the park position.
Do not manoeuvre the vehicle with wiper arms folded out.
The wipers automatically run back to the park position when the wiper switch is operated or when speed exceeds 6 km/h.
Risk of damage to wiper blades due to freezing.
In the event of frost, check if wiper blades are frozen.
If it is necessary for the wiper motor to run during the working procedure, the bonnet must be closed completely, as otherwise the power supply to the wiper motor will be interrupted.
–  Switch on ignition briefly, then switch it off again.
–  Press windscreen wiper lever to “flick wipe” position within 10 seconds.
Windscreen wipers are in “service position”.
Assembly overview – wiper motor and wiper frame
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Removing and installing wiper blade
Removing –  Move wipers to service position → Chapter.   Caution ...

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