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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Removing and installing wiper blade

–  Move wipers to service position → Chapter.
Risk of damage to the wiper blade.
Joint-free wipers are very flexible. To lift the wiper blades off the windscreen, touch them only in the area in which the wiper blades are attached to the wipers.
–  Lift wiper arm off the windscreen.
–  Press retaining clip -arrow A- and push wiper blade -1- off wiper arm -2--arrow B-.
–  Remove wiper blade -1-.
Risk of damage to the vehicle body.
Wiper blades for driver and front passenger sides each have a different length.
Install in the reverse order of removal, observing the following:

Removing and installing wiper blade

–  Insert wiper blade -1- in parallel movement into wiper arm -2--arrow-. Ensure that wiper blade -1- is pushed into wiper arm -2- until retaining clip is heard to engage.
To leave the “service position”:
–  Operate windscreen wiper switch. Or
–  Drive vehicle faster than 6 km/h.

Removing and installing wiper blade

Moving wipers to service position
  Caution Risk of damaging the bonnet when moving wipers back into the park position. ...

Removing and installing wiper arms
Special tools and workshop equipment required     Puller -T10369- Removing ...

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