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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Assembly overview - data bus diagnostic interface

Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual / Electrical system / Wiring / Control units / Assembly overview - data bus diagnostic interface

Assembly overview - data bus diagnostic interface

1 -  Electrical connector
For data bus diagnostic interface -J533-
2 -  Data bus diagnostic interface -J533-
Removing and installing → Chapter
3 -  Bolt
Specified torque → General body repairs, interior; Rep. gr.70
4 -  Crash bar
Assembly overview → General body repairs, interior; Rep. gr.70
5 -  Central tube for dash panel
Assembly overview - control units, RHD vehicles
1 -  Bracket For onboard supply control unit -J519- Removing and installing → Chapter 2 -  Onboard ...

Removing and installing onboard supply control unit -J519-, LHD vehicles
  Note When renewing the control unit, select Renew function for the respective control unit in Guided fault finding or Guided functions mode &# ...

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