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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Wax-based underseal -D 316 D38 A2

Wax-based underseal -D 316 D38 A2-
Issued 04.2009
Product description
Wax underseal -D 316 D38 A2- is a solution of an anti-corrosion agent based on wax and lanolin with polymer and rust-protection additives.
This results in high viscosity and, for wax, relatively high abrasion resistance.
The material seeps into the pores of the PVC coating, pushes out moisture, closes the pores and is water repellant, highly adhesive and dry to the touch.
When dry, it forms a light-beige, transparent, non-sticking, water-repellant film.
Its transparency permits the inspection of the underbody in conformance with the German technical inspection association (TЬV).
The dry film has good adhesion and corrosion-protection properties and is very durable due to its toughness and resistance.
Technical data sheet, wax underseal -D 316 D38 A2-
The material is used primarily on the underbody, especially for treatment and maintenance of all protective coats of materials based on, for example, PVC, PVC/wax, bitumen/rubber and rubber/resin basis.
It can also be used to treat shafts as well as suspension components including links and springs. These parts become grey with age and often display incipient rust. The treatment refreshes the paint, which improves the appearance substantially. At the same time, the parts are protected against corrosion.
Before using, read the safety measures and recommendations in the safety data sheet.
Even for products which are not required by law to be labelled, the usual safety measures for chemical products must be observed.
The surfaces to be treated with wax underseal must be cleaned thoroughly beforehand, and any rust must be removed.
The surfaces must be dry and free of grease, dirt and, as far as possible, dust.
Wax underseal must be applied only to dry surfaces. Inspect older vehicles for incipient rust.
Any rust must be removed with a wire brush.
Before beginning work, cover the vehicle, especially the door windows.
Wax underseal can be applied to vertical surfaces in one step. To obtain thorough coverage, it is recommended to spray in a cross pattern.
After drying overnight, the vehicle can be used again. Between 24 and 48 hours are required for hard drying.
Use a UBS gun to apply from the 1-litre can. The can must be shaken before use.
Recommended wet-film thickness, approx. 200 µm; application air pressure approx. 3-5 bar.
Wax underseal can also be applied with a pressure-feed spray gun if the Venturi hook probe (16139 SATA) is used. The application pressure is 3-4 bar. A 750 mm flexible hose enables the operator to easily guide the hook with the 7 mm venturi nozzle.
Do not spray onto joints, engine, propshaft, exhaust, catalytic converter or brake system.
Blow out the UBS gun immediately after use and then clean it with plastic cleaner -D 195 850 A1-D 195 850 A1.
If the UBS gun becomes blocked, the can may burst.
Observe the operating instructions of the UBS gun.
Splashes and spray mist should be removed immediately using plastic cleaner -D 195 850 A1-. Residual material can also be easily removed with mineral spirits or kerosene.
Larger surfaces can also be cleaned with a steam cleaner.
For this reason, an underbody that has been treated with wax underseal cannot be cleaned with steam cleaning devices unless it is to remove the old layer before beginning a new treatment.
Technical data
Colour Transparent light beige
Odour Mild odour
Solids content Approx. 47%
Consistency Fluid, slightly thixotropic
Heat resistance of the dry film > 100 °C
Complete drying 24-48 hours
Working temperature +10 °C to +25 °C
Use temperature -25 °C to +80 °C (+100 °C briefly up to 1 hour)
Wax-based underseal

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