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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Vehicles with multilink suspension

–  If fitted, remove rear left underbody trim → General body repairs, exterior; Rep. gr.66.
–  Remove rear tunnel cross-piece → General body repairs, exterior; Rep. gr.66.
–  Loosen clamp -arrow- and push it to rear.
Risk of accident caused by high weight of silencers.Seek help from a second a mechanic for the following work.
–  Cut exhaust pipe → Chapter.

Vehicles with multilink suspension

–  Detach mountings (retaining rings) -arrows-.

Vehicles with multilink suspension

–  Unhook retaining rings -2- and remove bolt -1-.
–  Remove silencer.
Installation is carried out in the reverse order; note the following:
–  Aligning exhaust system free of tension → Chapter.
Specified torques
→ Chapter „Assembly overview - silencers“
→ Chapter „Assembly overview - emission control“
→ General body repairs, exterior; Rep. gr.66

Vehicles with multilink suspension

Vehicles with torsion beam axle
Removing –  If fitted, remove rear left underbody trim → General body repairs, exterior; Rep. gr.66. ...

Vehicles with torsion beam axle
The connecting pipe can be cut through at the cutting point in order to renew the centre and rear silencers separately. Cutting point is marked ...

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