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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Repairing corrugated pipe

Special tools and workshop equipment required
Hot air blower -VAS 5179- or
Hot air blower -V.A.G 1416/- or
Hot air blower -VAS 1978/14-
Repair points must not be subjected to pulling or bending forces.
If the damaged section is longer than 20 mm, a new piece of corrugated pipe must be used and the procedure described below must be performed twice.

Repairing corrugated pipe

–  Cut damaged section at right angles out of corrugated pipe which is to be repaired.
–  Select suitable end pieces -2- and -3- and correct sized shrink-fit piping from the electronic parts catalogue (ETKA).
–  Heat end of corrugated pipe -1-.
–  Push connector -2- into corrugated pipe -2--arrow A-.
–  Heat end of corrugated pipe -4-.
–  Push connector -3- into corrugated pipe -4--arrow B-.

Repairing corrugated pipe

–  Cut heat-shrink hose so that ends of corrugated pipe are each covered by about 20 mm -dimension x- of heat-shrink hose.
–  Push heat-shrink hose over corrugated pipe, join connectors and secure repair joints with heat-shrink hose.

Repairing corrugated pipe

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