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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Renewing needle bearing in crankshaft

Only vehicles with a dual clutch gearbox
Special tools and workshop equipment required
Adapter Kukko -22/1-

Renewing needle bearing in crankshaft

Puller -Kukko 21/2-

Renewing needle bearing in crankshaft

Drift -VW 207 C-
–  Remove gearbox → Rep. gr.34.
–  Pull out needle bearing using commercially available puller, e.g. Kukko -21/2- and Adapter Kukko -22/1-.

Renewing needle bearing in crankshaft

–  Drive in flush with drift -VW 207 C- or centring mandrel -3176-.
–  Install gearbox → Rep. gr.34.

Renewing needle bearing in crankshaft


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