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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Renewing needle bearing in crankshaft

Only vehicles with a dual clutch gearbox
Special tools and workshop equipment required
Adapter Kukko -22/1-

Renewing needle bearing in crankshaft

Puller -Kukko 21/2-

Renewing needle bearing in crankshaft

Drift -VW 207 C-
–  Remove gearbox → Rep. gr.34.
–  Pull out needle bearing using commercially available puller, e.g. Kukko -21/2- and Adapter Kukko -22/1-.

Renewing needle bearing in crankshaft

–  Drive in flush with drift -VW 207 C- or centring mandrel -3176-.
–  Install gearbox → Rep. gr.34.

Renewing needle bearing in crankshaft


Crankshaft dimensions
Risk of damage to bearing pedestals when the crankshaft is removed.If the bolts of the crankshaft bearing cap are loosened, the bearing pedestals of the cylinder block will be deformed, ...

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