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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Removing and installing tank pressure sensor -G400

The tank pressure sensor -G400- is located in the pressure regulating valve on the activated charcoal filter → Chapter.
–  Remove activated charcoal filter → Chapter.
–  Remove hose -1- from activated charcoal filter -2-.
–  To do this, loosen clamps -arrows-.

Removing and installing tank pressure sensor -G400

–  Unscrew bolts -arrows- for pressure regulating valve -1- on activated charcoal filter -2-.

Removing and installing tank pressure sensor -G400

–  Pull pressure regulating valve -1- in -direction of arrow- out of seal -3- on activated charcoal filter -2-.

Removing and installing tank pressure sensor -G400

Install in reverse order. In the process, note the following:
–  Make sure that seal -3- is properly seated.
Specified torque
→ Chapter „Assembly overview - activated charcoal filter system“

Removing and installing tank pressure sensor -G400

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