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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Removing and installing rear door window


Removing and installing rear door window

–  Remove rear door trim → General body repairs, interior; Rep. gr.70.
–  Remove inner door cover -8-.
–  Lower door window -9- until spreader pin -3- and spreader plug -4- are accessible in cut-out of window regulator -2-.
If work is not possible due to a malfunction caused by electric window regulator, window regulator motor -5- is unbolted -7-. Window can then be pushed to required working position.
–  Screw 5 mm bolt (approx. 70 mm long) into spreader pin -3-, and pull bolt together with spreader pin out of spreader plug -4-.
–  Screw an 8 mm bolt (approx. 80 mm long) into spreader plug -4-.
When screwing bolt into spreader plug, do not apply excessive pressure on plug. It otherwise falls inwards into door.
–  Pull spreader plug -3- out of window regulator guide -2- and therefore out of door window.

Removing and installing rear door window

–  Remove trim → Chapter.
–  Pull front part of window channel -2- out of mounting.
–  Pull door window -1- upwards at an angle -arrows- to vehicle exterior out of window slot.
  When installing door window, always renew spreader plug and spreader pin.
  Before inserting spreader plug -3- and spreader pin -4-, check window glass -1- for damage.

Removing and installing rear door window

–  Insert spreader plug -4- and centre it in the middle with the window glass -1- removed.
–  Press spreader pin -3- flush into spreader plug -4-.
–  Insert door window -9- into door -1--arrows- and insert door window into slot of window regulator guide.
–  Make window -1- engage in window regulator -2- by pressing slightly from above.
–  Then perform remaining installation in reverse order of removal.
–  Carry out functional test before fitting door trim.
Removing and installing front door window
  Special tools and workshop equipment required         ...

Removing and installing fixed rear door window
Removing     –  Remove door trim → General body repairs, interior; Rep. gr.70. –&n ...

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