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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Operation and safety notes for gas discharge bulbs

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Never change bulbs if you are not familiar with the appropriate procedures, safety precautions or tools.
Risk of death due to high voltage.
It is essential that the battery earth cable is disconnected before any work on parts of the gas discharge headlight is performed. The parts are marked with a yellow high voltage symbol.
Then switch dipped beam on and off again. This will eliminate any possible residual voltage.
Switch off ignition and all electrical consumers, and remove ignition key.
The gas discharge bulb control unit must never be operated without a gas discharge bulb.
Due to the high voltage, the gas discharge bulb must be operated only in the headlight housing. Voltages above 28,000 V occur when igniting the gas discharge bulb.
Risk of injury due to burns, ultraviolet radiation, glare and explosion.
Due to high temperatures, the absorption of ultraviolet radiation and risk of glare, the gas discharge bulb must be operated only in the headlight housing.
Avoid looking directly into the light beam; otherwise vision may be impaired for a substantial time.
Gas discharge bulbs are under high internal pressure and can explode while being changed.
Always wear eye protection and gloves when removing and installing gas discharge bulbs!
Risk of environmental pollution.
Gas discharge bulbs are classified as hazardous waste. They contain metallic mercury (Hg) and traces of thallium.
Gas discharge bulbs must not be destroyed. Avoid contact with burst bulbs.
Observe disposal regulations.
Dispose of gas discharge bulbs only in containers intended for this purpose at an authorised collection point.
Do not touch the glass part of the gas discharge bulb with bare fingers. When the light bulb is switched on, the heat would vaporise the oil of the finger prints which would then settle on the reflector, impairing the brightness of the headlight. Wear clean fabric gloves when inserting a gas discharge bulb.
A defective gas discharge bulb must always be renewed with a new gas discharge bulb of the same type. The designation appears on the base of the bulb or on the glass part of the bulb.
Properly engage connector during installation and ensure tight seating of the connection.
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