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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Measurement location

The vehicle shown in the illustration may differ from the actual vehicle.

Measurement location

1 -  Volkswagen logo
Laser pointer aligned to centre of Volkswagen logo
2 -  Wheel centre mounting -VAS 6350/1-
With wheel bolt adapter (AF 17) and measuring paddle
3 -  Stop bracket
to support spacing laser -VAS 6350/2- for distance measurement
Distance from wheel centre mountings -VAS 6350/1- on rear wheels: Dimension -a - = 1700 ± 2 mm.
4 -  Spirit level
on calibration unit -VAS 6350-
to check horizontal position of calibration unit -VAS 6350-
5 -  Spacing laser -VAS 6350/2-
for distance measurement
Handling → Operating instructions
6 -  Plastic foot
Qty. 3
Adjustable to change horizontal position of calibration unit -VAS 6350-
7 -  Linear laser -VAS 6350/3-
with “laser goggles”
on calibration unit -VAS 6350-
Switching on and off → Operating instructions
8 -  Measuring scale
to position calibration unit for lane change assist -VAS 6350/4-
Dimension to be set, measuring point on steel rule = 621 mm
9 -  Calibration unit for lane change assist -VAS 6350/4-
is changed over from the left to the right-hand side of the measuring field during calibration
If assembled correctly, the mains power lead should be fitted to the bottom left of the calibration unit (as seen facing direction of normal travel)
Height of upper edge of calibration unit to hall floor: approx. 606 mm
Removing and installing Blind Spot Monitor control unit J1086/J1087
Removing     –  Disconnect electrical connector -2-. –  Unscrew nut -1 ...

Preparatory measures for calibration
Extensive preliminary work is required before the actual calibration can be carried out using → Vehicle diagnostic tester. Prerequis ...

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