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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Adhesive sealant

Adhesive sealer -D 511 500 A2-, grey
Adhesive sealer -D 511 510 A2-, black
Issued 04.2009
Product description
Adhesive sealant -D 511 500 A2-/-D 511 510 A2- is used in vehicle repair to protect the bodywork repairs against corrosion and also as a fast-hardening sealant for all visible and invisible joints and dents and also to patch PVC sealing welds.
Adhesive sealant is highly suitable as for preventing corrosion between spot welded flanges
Strongly adhesive to bare, primed and painted metal, galvanised surfaces, aluminium, wood, glass and all plastics commonly used in vehicles.
May be overpainted immediately
May be dried with an IR radiant drier
Dries quickly under paint
May be welded or spot-welded through
Does not form bubbles
No contact corrosion on zink or aluminium
Excellent corrosion protection
Solvent-free and contains no isocyanate or PVC
Excellent UV and ageing resistance
Technical data sheet
Adhesive sealant -D 511 500 A2-/-D 511 510 A2- is used to seal seams following accident repairs to vehicles.
The adhesion surfaces must be dry, free of oil, dust, grease and any other impurities.
Adhesion will be improved if the contact surfaces are slightly roughened using an emory pad.
Before using, read the safety measures and recommendations in the safety data sheet.
Even for products which are not required by law to be labelled, the usual safety measures for chemical products must be observed.
Areas of the body to be sealed and adhesion surfaces must be isolated using 2-pack surfacer before the material is applied.
Adhesive sealant -D 511 500 A2-/-D 511 510 A2- may be applied to seams and joints using pneumatic cartridge gun -V.A.G 1761/1- or hand cartridge gun -V.A.G 1628-. Then, depending on appearance, leave as sealant bead or smooth it with a brush or filling knife (this must be done before a skin forms, in less than 10 minutes). After a skin has formed, the material can still be smoothed further with a moist filling knife.
Adhesive sealant may be overpainted with all repair paints. Overpainting must ensue within 48 hours of the sealant being applied. Drying the paint with an IR radiant dryer does not hinder the curing of the sealant.
If adhesive sealant is to be used in conjunction with spot welding, apply a bead of sealant (2-3 mm diameter) to the flange before setting repair part in place. The repair part must be spot welded before skin formation begins (< 10 minutes).
The material may be spot welded within 30 minutes. After welding, sealant that has escaped can be smoothed.
Never apply sealants on MS polymer or silane-modified polymer basis to uncured polyurethane adhesive sealants. The curing of the polyurethane adhesive sealant will be hindered, or will not be complete.
On the othe hand, the adhesion of fresh, sprayable sealants on MS polymer or silane-modified polymer basis to fully cured polyurethane adhesive sealant is good.
Technical data
Colour Grey, black
Base Silane-modified polymer (SMP)
Volume difference after hardening - 3 %
Skin formation Approx. 20 minutes
Not sticky 4 hours at +20 °C
Curing rate 3-4 mm/4 hours at +20 °C
Solvent content 0 %
Isocyanate content 0 %
Temperature resistance -40 °C to +120 °C (+180 °C briefly up to 30 minutes)
Working temperature +5 °C to +35 °C
UV and weather resistance Excellent
The guaranteed shelf life is 18 months from date of production. May be used until the date stated on the label at latest if stored in sealed original containers at +5 °C to +30 °C.

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