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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Stone chip guard -AKR 311 KD1 05-

Stone chip guard -AKR 311 KD1 05-, black
Issued 04.2009
Product description
Stone chip guard -AKR 311 KD1 05- is a finely atomising coating material on a synthetic resin basis.
The dried film adheres well on clean substrates as well as bare and painted sheet metal.
It exhibits good hiding power, good corrosion protection, high resistance to abrasion and, consequently, good stone-chipping protection.
The fast-drying stone chip protection spray can be painted over after only 7 minutes with commercially available vehicle paint systems.
It can be dried without problems in a drying oven at 60 °C.
Unusual mechanical stress (e.g. automatic car washes) should be generally avoided in the first few weeks.
The mechanical durability of the painted surfaces can be found in the manufacturer’s product specifications.
Technical data sheet
Stone chip guard -AKR 311 KD1 05- may be used on all visible parts, such as front and rear spoilers and door sills to protect against stone chipping, road salt and moisture corrosion. It can be quickly painted over.
The material may also be used to supplement stone chip protection film or for spot repair and accident repair.
Before using, read the safety measures and recommendations in the safety data sheet.
Even for products which are not required by law to be labelled, the usual safety measures for chemical products must be observed.
The surfaces to be treated with stone chip protection must be cleaned thoroughly beforehand, and any rust must be removed.
The surfaces must be dry and free of grease, dirt and, as far as possible, dust.
The material should be at ambient temperature during application.
Shake the can vigorously. When the metal ball starts to rattle, continue shaking for about 1 minute.
Hold the can vertically when spraying and spray from a distance of 20 to 30 cm.
If the surrounding area was masked off before spraying, the masking should be removed before drying.
Abrasion and corrosion protection increases with the thickness of the coating. Therefore, one or two additional coats should be applied after short flash-off periods.
To prevent spraying shadows, spray on the material with cross pattern.
After use, hold the can upside down and clear the valve by spraying until only propellant exits the nozzle.
Do not spray onto moving parts or parts exposed to heat such as joints, engine, gearbox, propshaft, exhaust, catalytic converter and brake system.
Splashes and spray mist can be removed immediately with naphtha.
Dry material can only be removed with thinner D or thinner R. Be careful of fresh paint.
Technical data
Colour Light or black
Odour Solvent
Coat thickness after 2 - 3 cross-spray passes 250 - 300 µm dry film
Drying time Dust dry in approx. 2 hours
Working temperature +15 °C to +25 °C
Use temperature -29 °C to +70 °C (+100 °C briefly up to 1 hour)
Stone chip guard

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