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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Safety precautions when painting electric drive vehicles

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Danger of damage to battery cells at excessive drying temperatures!
  For drying temperatures of +80°C, observe the flash-off period of 30 minutes max.
  For drying temperatures of +60°C, observe the flash-off period of 45 minutes max.
  When IR drying, make sure to protect all high-voltage components from direct exposure to IR radiation.
Safety precautions when working on electric drive:
→ Rep. gr.00
Golf 2009 blue-e-motion
The above-mentioned instructions for drying do not apply to the Golf 2009 blue-e-motion. In these vehicles, high-voltage battery must be removed before baking.
Safety precautions when painting natural gas-powered vehicles
  DANGER! Excessively high drying temperatures endanger life! High temperatures increase the pressure in the tank for ...

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