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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Safety markings on battery

Safety markings on battery
1. -  Fires, sparks, naked flames and smoking are prohibited when handling batteries. Avoid sparks as well as electrostatic discharge when working with cables and electrical units. Avoid short circuits. Therefore never lay a tool on a battery.
2. -  Wear eye protection before commencing work on battery.
3. -  Keep children away from acid and batteries.
4. -  Disposal: old batteries are classed as hazardous waste. They may only be disposed of through a suitable collection centre and only in accordance with respective legislation.
5. -  Never dispose of old batteries in household waste system!
6. -  There is a danger of an explosion when working with batteries. A highly explosive gas is produced when batteries are charged.
7. -  Always follow instructions on battery, in ELSA "Electrical System, General Information" and in owner's manual.
8. -  Battery acid is very caustic; therefore wear eye protection and gloves when working with batteries. Do not tilt battery. Acid can leak out of the gas vents of some batteries.

Safety markings on battery

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