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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Working on airbag system

When work is performed on the airbag system (pyrotechnical components, airbag control unit -J234-, wiring) the battery earth strap must be disconnected when the ignition is switched on.
Exception: for vehicles a battery in the passenger compartment, the ignition must be switched off
Then cover negative terminal.
A waiting period of 10 seconds is necessary after the battery has been disconnected.
Reconnecting the battery is carried out with the ignition on.
No persons may be in the interior when the battery is reconnected.
Ensure, in this case, that you are not within the effective range of the airbag and the belt tensioner.
If when reconnecting the battery and the ignition was not in the on position - warning lights in dash panel will not light up - the ignition may only be switched on (key/button) from the driver's seat with the seat set in the rearmost position.
Safety markings on battery
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Battery terminal connection
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