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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Dangers when handling vehicle batteries

Recognition and avoidance of dangers
Batteries can be dangerous. These dangers can be avoided when the warnings on the battery, in the operating manual and in ELSA are observed.
Untrained personnel e.g. apprentices, trainees etc. may only work on batteries when supervised by a vehicle mechanic/foreman or vehicle electrician/foreman.
Acid is highly corrosive. There is a considerable danger of acid burns if personnel do not handle batteries correctly. Therefore suitable measures must be taken to ensure that equipment/solutions etc. are available to neutralize acid burns. A suitable solution is: e.g. a soap solution.
If electrolyte leaks from a battery it may cause skin burns or acid corrosion and rusting on the vehicle. This may damage safety relevant components on the vehicle.
The gas which forms when charging and the gas which may escape through vent valves is explosive. In extreme cases a battery may explode if the battery is not handled correctly.
Batteries whose magic eye shows light yellow must be replaced. They must not be checked or charged and do not slave/jump start. Danger of explosion when checking and charging or slave/jump starting.
It is prohibited to cause sparks through grinding, welding, cutting operations and use naked lights in the vicinity of batteries. Smoking is also prohibited. Sparks generated by electrostatic charging must also be avoided. Always touch the vehicle body before touching the battery.
Only work on batteries in well ventilated and suitable rooms.
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