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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Repairing rain and light sensor, TRW

The housings for the rain and light sensors -G397- from various manufacturers differ.
The sensor housing with lens unit is always supplied as a replacement part in separate parts with retaining clips. In vehicles which do not require these retaining clips, the clips must be removed.
Perform the following procedure:
–  Remove rain and light sensor -G397- → Chapter.
The sensor electronics may be damaged.
When separating the housing parts, do not insert the screwdriver as far as the sensor electronics.
Do not touch the rain sensor electronics.
–  Release 4 locking lugs -arrows- of retaining clip -1- using a suitable screwdriver, and remove retaining clip.

Repairing rain and light sensor, TRW

–  Separate upper part of housing -1- together with lens unit from bottom part of housing -2- by releasing retaining lugs -arrows- on both sides.
The optical unit of the sensor may be damaged.
Do not touch the lens unit.

Repairing rain and light sensor, TRW

–  Remove sensor electronics -2- from upper part of old housing -1- and insert into new upper part of new housing in exactly same way.
–  Engage upper part of housing with lens unit and protective cover with lower part of housing.
–  Install rain and light sensor -G397- → Chapter.

Repairing rain and light sensor, TRW

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