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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Removing and installing cigarette lighter socket

The removal and installation procedure is the same for all sockets and is therefore described here only for the cigarette lighter socket.
If excessive force is exerted on sockets without illumination, the retaining sleeve may be damaged.
Only illuminated sockets (cigarette lighter) can be removed with the puller T 40148.
The puller does not manage to release the locking lugs of sockets without illuminated retaining sleeve.
Usually sockets without illumination cannot be removed without being damaged.
Special tools and workshop equipment required
Puller -T 40148-
–  Remove cigarette lighter, dummy cigarette lighter etc. from socket if necessary.
For reasons of clarity, the socket is removed in the illustration.
The socket or the retaining sleeve can be damaged.
Ensure that the puller is seated correctly, otherwise the retaining lugs of the retaining sleeve will not be released.

Removing and installing cigarette lighter socket

–  Push puller -arrow- into socket so that locking lugs -1- engage in recesses -2-.

Removing and installing cigarette lighter socket

–  Pull grip -3- in direction of -arrow- to release locking lugs of retaining sleeve.
–  Pull socket out of retaining sleeve using puller.
The socket wiring can be damaged.
Take care not to stretch the wiring when pulling out the socket.

Removing and installing cigarette lighter socket

Depending on the fitting location, it is recommended to use the thrust piece 40148/1 -2- with the knurled nut -1-.
Ensure that no surrounding components are damaged when using the thrust piece.
–  Pull off socket connector.
Depending on the space requirement, the vehicles are equipped with various electric sockets and cigarette lighter sockets. They differ in length and have different electrical connections. In the case of electric sockets or cigarette lighter sockets with a wiring tail, it may be necessary to perform additional work in order to gain access to the connector.

Removing and installing cigarette lighter socket

–  Release puller locking lugs by pressing spindle -1- in direction of -arrow B-. Then release puller -2- by turning it briefly to left -arrow A-. Remove puller from socket.
Ensure that the puller locking lugs are not spread.
The cigarette lighter might be ejected out of the socket after the heating phase.
When the puller is mounted, the socket retaining springs are pressed apart and the retaining force is reduced.
After removing the socket, carefully press the retaining springs together and check if the cigarette lighter remains in the removal position after the heating phase.

Removing and installing cigarette lighter socket

–  Carefully press socket retaining springs together -arrows-.
–  Check if cigarette lighter remains in removal position after heating phase and ensure it is not ejected in vehicle interior.
Install in reverse order of removal.

Removing and installing cigarette lighter socket

Assembly overview
  Caution If excessive force is exerted on sockets without illumination, the retaining sleeve may be damaged. ...

Removing and installing cigarette lighter illumination bulb -L28-
  Note On some vehicles, the illumination is not provided by a light bulb, but by an LED (light-emitting diode), depending on the equipment level. ...

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