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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Removing and installing cigarette lighter illumination bulb -L28-

On some vehicles, the illumination is not provided by a light bulb, but by an LED (light-emitting diode), depending on the equipment level. This LED is permanently attached to the retaining sleeve and cannot be renewed separately.
Retaining sleeves with a light bulb are available in different versions. On the one version, the light bulb can be replaced separately; on the other version, the light bulb cannot be replaced separately. In this case, the bulb carrier has to be replaced together with the light bulb.
–  Remove socket → Chapter.
–  Press retaining lugs -arrows- and remove retaining sleeve together with bulb carrier.
–  Unclip bulb carrier from retaining sleeve.

Removing and installing cigarette lighter illumination bulb -L28-

–  Separate bulb carrier in areas -A- and -B-.
–  Open part -B- of bulb carrier.

Removing and installing cigarette lighter illumination bulb -L28-

–  Remove light bulb in direction of -arrow-.
Install in reverse order of removal.

Removing and installing cigarette lighter illumination bulb -L28-

Removing and installing cigarette lighter socket
  Note The removal and installation procedure is the same for all sockets and is therefore described here only for the cigarette lighter socket. ...


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