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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Overview of fitting locations - auxiliary heater

Overview of fitting locations - auxiliary heater

1 -  Auxiliary heater
With auxiliary heater control unit -J364-.
Removing → Chapter
2 -  Nut
20 Nm
3 -  Electrical connectors
4 -  Exhaust system
Removing and installing → Chapter
5 -  Circulation pump -V55-
Removing and installing → Chapter
6 -  Air intake silencer
Removing and installing → Chapter
7 -  Fuel line with quick-release coupling
8 -  Nut
20 Nm
Auxiliary heater

Assembly overview - auxiliary heater attachments
1 -  Auxiliary heater 2 -  Clamping piece 3 -  Coolant hose 4 -  Air intake silencer ...

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