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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Matting additive -LVM 769 810 A2

Matting additive -LVM 769 810 A2-
Issued 10.2014
Product description
The matting additive -LVM 769 810 A2- is an additive for 2-pack HS clear coats and 2-pack HS top coats which produces a matt effect on painted metallic or plastic substrates.
The product is typically used when larger areas need to be painted as well as for full-vehicle paint jobs, but also for painting small and add-on parts.
Technical data sheet
Suitable substrates:
Hardened, well-preserved and lightly sanded old or factory finish.
Plastic or metal parts coated with primer or surfacer.
For plastic parts, see "The VW/Audi painting system for plastic parts" (data sheet no. 5.74).
Suitable for:
2-pack HS clear coat -L2K 769 500 A5-
2-pack HS Vario clear coat -L2K 769 K01 A2-
2-pack HS Optimum Plus clear coat -LZK 769 K07 A5-
2-pack HS Brillant plus clear coat -LZK 769 K05 A5-
2-pack HS Performance clear coat -LZK 769 K06 A5-
2-pack HS mixture paint/top coat -L2K 074/073...-
2-pack HS hardener, slow-drying -LHA 009 047 A3-
2-pack HS hardener, extra slow-drying -LHA 009 048 A3-
2-pack VHS hardener, slow-drying -LHA 009 052 A2-/-LHA 009 052 A3-
2-pack VHS hardener, extra slow-drying -LHA 009 053 A2-
See technical data sheet for the respective hardener → Chapter.
2-pack thinner -LVE 009 001 A5-
2-pack thinner, slow-drying -LVM 009 300 A2-
2-pack thinner, special -LVM 009 200 A2-/-LVM 009 200 A5-
Clear coat additive -LVM 007 000 A2-
Adjusting the degree of gloss/matting; Application instructions
Refer to "Gloss level adjustment for 2-pack HS clear coats" (data sheet no. 5.75) and "Paintwork repair system for vehicles with a matt finish" (data sheet no. 5.76).
Application instructions
It is not necessary to add the elastic additive -ALZ 011 001-.
Shake or stir the matting additive -LVM 769 810 A2- well in the can.
Mix the matting additive -LVM 769 810 A2- with 2-pack HS clear coat or 2-pack HS top coat according to the respective specifications. Add the hardener and the reducer right before application. The ready-to-spray mixture should be applied immediately. If the mixture is left to stand in the mixing cup or spray gun cup for a longer period of time (15 min.), it must be stirred again prior to further application (sedimentation behaviour).
Adding the matting additive might influence the coverage.
It is absolutely necessary to test the mixture on a spray sample prior to application in order to achieve the degree of gloss that matches the vehicle. Measuring the degree of gloss (at an angle of 60°) on adjacent parts may also be helpful.
Blending in or refinishing the matt clear coat within a component, e.g. a side panel, or Clever Repair is not possible.
It is not possible to polish dust inclusions, therefore cleanliness during the entire refinishing process is very important.
The actual gloss level achieved is influenced by a number of factors apart from differences relating to the colour shade. The following chart shows some additional parameters and their effects on the degree of gloss.
Higher gloss Low gloss
Faster-drying hardeners Slower-drying hardeners
Faster-drying thinners Slower-drying thinners
Higher application viscosity Lower application viscosity
Higher dry layer thickness Lower dry layer thickness
Shorter flash-off time Longer flash-off time
Forced drying Air drying
Factors influencing the degree of gloss:
The actual gloss level produced depends on the hardener/thinner used, the application and the drying method as well as on the film thickness. Depending on the respective parameter, the gloss level may vary by up to 20 %.
Final flash-off time with force drying is at least 15-20 minutes.

Matting additive -LVM 769 810 A2

Force drying period at material temperature of +60-65 °C is 45 minutes.

Matting additive -LVM 769 810 A2

Personal protective equipment:
Adhere to the safety data sheet.
Wear personal protective equipment during application.

Matting additive -LVM 769 810 A2

Flash point: Above +23 °C
VOC content: 2004/42/IIB(e)(840)600 The EU limit value for this product (product category IIB.e) in ready-to-spray form is max. 840 g/l of volatile organic compounds. The VOC content of this product in ready-to-spray form is max. 600 g/l.
The guaranteed shelf life is 48 months from date of production. May be used until the date stated on the label at latest if stored in sealed original containers at +20 °C.

Matting additive -LVM 769 810 A2

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