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Volkswagen Golf Owners Manual: Fuse table

Fig. 230 In the dash panel: fuse layout

First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings

The table shows the fuse locations for the items of electrical equipment which are most relevant to the customer. The left column contains the location, the other columns contain the fuse designs, the amp rating and the consumer.

Fuse location Fuse design Amp rating Electrical consumers
F4 MINI® 7.5 Infotainment system operating system
F7 MINI® 10 Air conditioning system or heating and fresh air system operating unit, relay rear window heating, selector mechanism for the automatic gearbox
F8 MINI® 10 Light spindle switch, rain sensor, electronic parking brake
F10 MINI® 10 Display
F12 ATO® 20 Infotainment services
F14 ATO® 30 Blower control
F16 MINI® 7.5 Telephone
F20 MINI® 15 Seat adjuster
F23 JCASE® 40 Exterior lights
F24 ATO® 30 Electric panorama sliding/tilting roof
F26 ATO® 30 Seat heating
F28 ATO® 20 Left trailer controller unit
F31 JCASE® 40 Exterior lights
F38 ATO® 20 Right trailer controller unit
F40 ATO® 20 Cigarette lighter, electrical socket
F42 ATO® 40 Windscreen washer, headlight washer system
F43 JCASE® 30 Interior lighting
F44 ATO® 15 Trailer controller unit
F47 ATO® 15 Rear wiper
F53 ATO® 30 Rear window heating

Depending on the version and specification of your vehicle, the fuse numbers and positions may differ to those given in the table. If necessary ask your Volkswagen dealership for the exact fuse layout.

Electric windows and the electrically adjustable seats can be secured via circuit breakers. They switch on automatically a few seconds after the strain, e.g. frozen windows has been relieved.

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