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Volkswagen Golf Owners Manual: Displays

Fig. 13 A: bonnet open, B: tailgate open, C: front left door open, D: right rear door open (only in four-door vehicles)

First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings

The types of information displayed in the instrument cluster   vary according to the vehicle's equipment level:

Open doors, bonnet and tailgate

The instrument cluster display indicates if any doors, or the bonnet or tailgate, are open once the vehicle has been unlocked, and while the vehicle is in motion. In some cases, an acoustic warning is also sounded. Different instrument cluster designs will have different displays.

Legend for   See
A Do not drive on!
Bonnet open or not properly closed.
B Do not drive on!
Tailgate open or not closed properly.
C, D Do not drive on!
Vehicle door open or not properly closed.

Warning and information messages

The system runs a check on certain components and functions in the vehicle when the ignition is switched on or while the vehicle is in motion. Malfunctions are indicated by red and yellow warning symbolsa) with text messages in the instrument cluster display   . An acoustic warning is also sounded in certain cases. Different instrument cluster designs will have different displays.

In addition, a list of current malfunctions can be opened manually. To do so, choose Vehicle status or Vehicle in the selection menu   .

Type of message Symbol coloura) Explanation
Priority 1 warning report Red The symbol flashes or lights up – sometimes together with an acoustic warning signal.
Do not drive on! Danger!  
Check function and resolve problem. Seek expert assistance if necessary.
Priority 2 warning report Yellow The symbol flashes or lights up – sometimes together with an acoustic warning signal.
If there is a fault, or if service fluids are running low, your vehicle could be damaged or break down  .
Check the fault as soon as possible. Seek expert assistance if necessary.
Information message Information about various procedures within the vehicle.

Mileage displays

The odometer registers the total distance travelled by the car.

The trip recorder (trip) shows the distance travelled since the trip recorder was last reset. The final digit shows distances of 100 m.


You can also set the time in the infotainment system using the button and the and Time and date function buttons   .

Outside temperature display

If the outside temperature falls below +4°C (+39°F), the display also shows a snowflake symbol (ice warning). This symbol remains lit up until the outside temperature rises above +6°C (+43°F)  .

If the vehicle is stationary, the auxiliary heating (  ) is on or the vehicle is travelling at very low speeds, the temperature displayed may be slightly higher than the actual outside temperature due to heat radiated from the engine.

The measuring range lies between -45°C (-49°F) and +76°C (+169°F).

Compass display

When the ignition and navigation system are switched on, the instrument cluster display shows the current direction of travel.

Selector lever positions (automatic gearbox)

The gear selected is displayed on the side of the selector lever and on the display in the instrument cluster. The display may show which gear has been selected if the lever is in DS, or in Tiptronic mode   .

Gear change indicator

While the vehicle is in motion, the instrument cluster may show which gear should be selected to reduce fuel consumption   .

Speed warning for winter tyres

A display in the instrument cluster indicates when the set maximum speed has been exceeded   .

Speed warning settings can be made and adjusted in the infotainment system using the button and the and Tyres function buttons   .

Start/stop system status display

The instrument cluster display shows information about the current status   .

Economical driving mode (eco)

While driving the instrument cluster will display whether the vehicle is in economical mode as a result of active cylinder management (ACT®)   or as a result of freewheeling of the automatic gearbox   .

Vehicle battery charge level (SOC)

In some models, the battery charge level (SOC2)) is displayed as a percentage.

To display the charge level, press and hold button   with the ignition switched off until SOC appears in the display.

Engine code

Press and hold button   (for approximately 15 seconds) to show the vehicle's engine code in the display. The ignition should be switched on but the engine should not be running.


Failure to observe illuminated warning lamps and text messages can lead to your vehicle breaking down in traffic, and can cause accident and serious injury.


Streets and bridges can be iced over at outside temperatures above freezing point.


Failure to observe illuminated indicator lamps and text messages can lead to your vehicle being damaged.

Different instrument clusters are available, which means that the versions and displays may vary. In displays without warning or information texts, faults are indicated exclusively by the indicator lamps.

Depending on the vehicle equipment level, some settings and displays may also appear in the infotainment system.

If several warning reports are detected, the symbols will appear for several seconds, one after another. The symbols will continue to appear until the faults are rectified.

If warning messages about malfunctions are displayed when the ignition is switched on, it may not be possible to adjust some settings as described, or the information display may appear differently. If this is the case, take the vehicle to a qualified workshop to have the malfunction rectified.

a) Displayed in colour on an instrument cluster with colour display.

2) State of charge

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