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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: General description

Danger of injury.
Before working on the battery, read through the warning and safety regulations carefully, and comply with them → Chapter.
Dispose of electrolyte (mixture of sulphuric acid and water) safely! Waste electrolyte may only be disposed of at marked collecting points. Comply with the locally applicable waste disposal guidelines.
Do not test batteries that are emitting gas. Otherwise, there is a danger of explosion.
It is not permissible to test or charge batteries whose magic eye shows light yellow. Do not slave/jump start the vehicle!
Danger of explosion when checking and charging or slave/jump starting.
These batteries must be renewed.
To prevent damage to the battery and vehicle, note the types of battery and the comments given → Chapter.
Batteries in VW vehicles may only be tested with battery testers approved by VW. In the USA/Canada, it is permitted for the Midtronics -MCR340V- battery tester to be used.
Read all the information about safety, setup and operation in the operating instructions for the Midtronics -MCR340V- battery tester and follow the instructions to the letter.
Refer to → No. for more information.
The following charging and analysis procedures apply to all batteries, all battery installation locations (engine compartment or luggage compartment) and battery purposes (starter battery or second/convenience battery).
Always comply with the safety regulations, the regulations for setting up the battery tester, the display menu/display buttons, LEDs and the operating procedures described in the → operating manual MCR340V.
Observe and comply with all subsections, comments and references to the vehicle and battery type, etc. to be tested.
Comments concerning test print out
1 -  Check type. 2 -  Battery test result 3 -  Measured voltage ...

Performing battery test with Midtronics -MCR340V- battery tester
Prerequisites:   WARNING Before working on the battery, read through the warning and safety regulatio ...

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