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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Description of battery charger -VAS 5095 A-

The battery charger -VAS 5095- is suitable for charging all 12V batteries supplied by Volkswagen.
The battery charger charges without peaks in amperage or voltage. This will not adversely effect the onboard electronics. The battery can remain in the vehicle while it is being charged and need not be disconnected.
Battery charger -VAS 5095 A-
1 -  ON / OFF switch (0 = charger OFF)
2 -  Charge current indicator (I > 12 A)
3 -  Charge current indicator, battery partially charged > 90%
4 -  Maintaining charge; lights up green when battery is fully charged
5 -  Malfunction indicator
6 -  Support mode indicator
7 -  Support mode/normal mode changer-over switch
8 -  Charger cable, red terminal “+”, black terminal “-”
9 -  Battery type change-over switch (on base of charger unit)

Description of battery charger -VAS 5095 A-

Charging battery
  WARNING Danger of injury! Observe warning notices and safety regulations → Chapter! ...

Charging battery with battery charger -VAS 5095 A-
  WARNING Danger of injury! Observe warning notices and safety regulations → Chapter! ...

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