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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Assembly overview - door components

Only the left side is shown. The right side is similar.

Assembly overview - door components

1 -  Rear door
2 -  Sticker
3 -  Sticker
4 -  Insulation
–  If necessary, cut to dimension, 200 mm x 100 mm. Position as shown in illustration.
–  Warm using hot air blower -V.A.G 1416- and push on to outer door panel with force.
5 -  Bowden cable
6 -  Inner door cover
7 -  Door joint seal
8 -  Bracket
9 -  Sticker
10 -  Sticker
11 -  Outer window slot seal
12 -  Inner window slot seal
13 -  Sticker
14 -  Window channel
Door components

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