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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Wire strippers -VAS 1978/3-

Wire strippers -VAS 1978/3- serve as a means of stripping insulation off wires and cutting wires in the correct manner.
Wire strippers -VAS 1978/3- are included in wiring harness repair set -VAS 1978 B- and previous versions.
The wire strippers have an adjustable limit stop within the pliers jaws, with which the desired length of insulation to be removed can be adjusted.
–  Adjust the sliding limit stop in the pliers jaws to the desired length of insulation to be removed.

Wire strippers -VAS 1978/3-

–  Insert the end of the wire from the front fully into the pliers jaws and squeeze the pliers together completely.
–  Open the pliers and removed the stripped wire end.

Wire strippers -VAS 1978/3-

–  Cut the wire if necessary with the cutting part on the upper side of the wire strippers.

Wire strippers -VAS 1978/3-

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