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Volkswagen Golf Owners Manual: Vehicle settings menu

First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings

Opening the Vehicle settings menu

  • Switch on the ignition.
  • If necessary, switch on the infotainment system.
  • Press the infotainment button.
  • Touch the function button to open the Vehicle settings menu.
  • Touch the corresponding function button to open additional menus in the Vehicle settings menu, or to adjust settings in the menu points.

If the checkbox in the function button is ticked , the respective function is switched on.

Changes made in settings menus are automatically applied immediately after entry.

Touching the function button takes you back to the previous menu.

Menu overview

The following menu overview is an example of the infotainment system menu structure. The size and layout of the Volkswagen information system menu depends on the vehicle electronics and the level of vehicle equipment.

Menu Submenu Settings options Further information
ESC system The following systems can be deactivated or activated:
– Traction control system (TCS)
– Electronic stabilisation programme (ESC).
Tyre settings Tyre monitor display Store the tyre pressures (SET).
Winter tyres Activation or deactivation of the speed warning.
Setting the speed warning value.
Driver assist settings ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) Activation or deactivation of the last selected distance.
The following functions can be set:
– Driving programme
– The time interval from the vehicle in front (distance setting).
Front Assist (area monitoring system) The following functions can be activated or deactivated:
– Area monitoring system
– Advance warning
– Distance warning display.
City emergency brake function Activating or deactivating city emergency brake function.
Lane Assist (lane departure warning system) Activation or deactivation of individual lane guidance.
Traffic sign recognition Show recognised traffic signs in the multifunction display (MFD).
Activation or deactivation of trailer recognition (display of traffic signs for vehicles with a trailer).
Driver Alert System Activation or deactivation of the Driver Alert System.
ProActive occupant protection Activation or deactivation of the ProActive occupant protection system.
Parking/manoeuvring settings ParkPilot ParkPilot automatic activation.
The following functions can be set:
– Front and rear volume
– Front and rear tone
– Audio volume reduction.
Light settings Light Assist The following functions can be activated or deactivated:
– Dynamic Light Assist
– Dynamic bend lighting
– Automatic dipped headlights (when raining)
– Lane change flash.
The following functions can be set:
– Switch-on time for the automatic headlight control
– Travel mode (right-hand or left-hand drive).
Interior lighting The following functions can be set:
– Courtesy light (instruments and switches)
– Background lighting in the doors
– Footwell lighting.
Coming Home/Leaving Home function The following functions can be set:
– Switch-on period of the Coming Home function
–Switch-on period of the Leaving Home function.
Mirror and wiper settings Mirrors The following functions can be activated or deactivated:
– Synchronised mirror adjustment
– Mirror lowering function in reverse gear
– Folding in when parked.
Windscreen wipers The following functions can be activated or deactivated:
– Automatic wipe when raining
– Rear window wipe in reverse gear.
Settings for opening/closing Window operation Setting convenience opening of the windows.
Activating or deactivating automatic window closing in case of rain.
Central locking system Setting door unlocking.
Activation or deactivation of automatic locking.
Seat settings Storing seat position Activation or deactivation of the vehicle key.
Automatic belt pre-tensioning Activation or deactivation of automatic belt pre-tensioning for the left or right side.
Multifunction display settings The following displays can be activated or deactivated:
– Current consumption,
– Average consumption,
– Top-up volume,
– Eco tips,
– Driving time,
– Distance travelled,
– Average speed,
– Digital speed,
– Speed warning,
– Oil temperature.
The following data can be reset:
– Since start, driving data,
– Long-term, driving data.
Settings time and date The following functions can be set:
– Time source (manual, GPS)
– Set summer time automatically
– Time
– Time zone
– Time format (12h, 24h)
– Date
– Date format
Units settings The following functions can be set:
– Distance
– Speed
– Temperature
– Volume
– Consumption
– Pressure.
Service The following data are displayed:
– Vehicle identification number
– Date of next inspection
– Date of next oil change service.
Factory settings The following settings can be reset:
– All settings
– Driver assist systems
– Parking/manoeuvring
– Light
– Mirrors and wipers
– Opening/closing
– Multifunction display
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