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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Run-flat tyre system PAX, support ring

Overview of important dimensions:
Example: 90-500(35) CLI A 1 876107
90 -  Nominal width in millimetres
500 -  Nominal diameter in millimetres
35 -  Height in millimetres
CLI -  Support ring versions: CLI = clip support ring / FL = standard support ring
A -  Construction type index, asymmetrical. Indication of tyre with run-flat capability (PAX)
1 -  Support ring version
876107 -  CAI, international article code

Run-flat tyre system PAX, support ring

Run-flat tyre system PAX, dimensions and designations on PAX wheel rims
Example: 235 x 500 A - 5 - 41
235 -  Nominal width in millimetres
x -  Single-unit
500 -  Nominal diameter of standardised rim seat in millimetres
A -  Asymmetrical
5 -  Number of wheel bolt holes
41 -  Rim offset in millimetres

Run-flat tyre system PAX, dimensions and designations on PAX wheel rims

Run-flat tyre system PAX

Run-flat tyre system PAX, checking support ring
As with tyres, the support ring does not always need to be renewed after driving with a flat tyre.     If the fol ...

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