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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Renewing components

All components of the refrigerant circuit submitted for quality monitoring must always be sealed (use the original sealing caps from the genuine part).
The genuine parts (air conditioner compressor, reservoir, receiver, evaporator and condenser) are charged with nitrogen before shipment. This filling is being gradually discontinued, the pressure of the nitrogen filling is so low that escaping gas is no longer perceptible when the part is initially opened.
Where vehicles are fitted with an air conditioner compressor without a magnetic clutch, the engine should be started only when the refrigerant circuit has been fully assembled (since the air conditioner compressor will always run when the engine is running) → Chapter.
The air conditioner compressor with air conditioner compressor regulating valve -N280- (without magnetic clutch) has an internal oil circuit to ensure that the air conditioner compressor is not damaged when the refrigerant circuit is empty. This means that approx. 40 to 50 cm3 of refrigerant oil remains in the air conditioner compressor → Chapter.
Since genuine parts are sometimes stored for long periods in various places, it can well be that gas will escape from some parts when first opened but not from others (even among those having the same part number). Therefore, be careful when unscrewing the sealing caps from the genuine part connections and allow the nitrogen gas to escape slowly.
Either a restrictor with a reservoir or an expansion valve with a receiver is built into the refrigerant circuit.
Seal open connections and lines to prevent moisture from entering.
Always renew restrictor.
The reservoir or receiver or cartridge of the dryer bag need not be renewed under the following circumstances:
After an accident in which there was no damage to the reservoir or receiver.
Repairs are performed quickly (no more delay than during a normal repair time) and there was no moisture intrusion. The vehicle is no more than 5 years old.
The reservoir or receiver or dryer cartridge should be renewed under the following circumstances:
The refrigerant circuit was opened and the vehicle is more than 5 years old.
The refrigerant circuit has been opened for in indeterminate period (seepage leak).
Repairs take longer than a normal repair time and there has been moisture intrusion.
Always renew collector/reservoir or dryer cartridge after blowing through with compressed air or purging with refrigerant R134a. Keep genuine parts sealed for as long as possible to keep the ingress of moisture as low as possible.
The air conditioner compressor seizes.
The reservoir or receiver is damaged (e.g. in an accident).
Handling refrigerant → Volkswagen ServiceNet; Service handbook; Environmental protection; Waste disposal; Current situation; Disposal channels; Disposal of used oils; Refrigerant oils.
Checking systems with an expansion valve, receiver and air conditioner compressor regulating valve -N280- (with externally regulated air conditioner compressor)
  Note Connecting air conditioner service station → Chapter. Observe the test prerequisites → Cha ...

In the event of leaking or damaged components (apart from the air conditioner compressor, receiver or reservoir)

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