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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Refrigerant pressure and temperature sender -G395

Danger of freezing injuries.
If refrigerant circuit has not been evacuated, refrigerant will escape.
The refrigerant must be extracted before removing the refrigerant pressure and temperature sender -G395-. If the refrigerant circuit is not opened within 10 minutes after it has been evacuated, pressure may develop in coolant circuit due to re-evaporation. Extract refrigerant again.
This refrigerant pressure and temperature sender -G395- is fitted in place of the high-pressure sender -G65- or air conditioning system pressure switch -F129-.
The pressure signal is monitored continuously, whereas the temperature signal is monitored only at temperatures greater than 0°C.
The Climatronic control unit -J255- works with this information and controls the coolant radiator fans accordingly and actuates the air conditioning system compressor regulating valve -N280-.

Refrigerant pressure and temperature sender -G395

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