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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Overview of fitting locations – central locking

Overview of fitting locations – central locking

1 -  Coupling station
2 -  Onboard supply control unit -J519-
3 -  Front passenger door control unit -J387-
4 -  Front right door lock
5 -  Coupling station
6 -  Driver door control unit -J386-
7 -  Rear right door lock
8 -  Coupling station, right side of rear lid
9 -  Release element with button
10 -  Rear lid lock
11 -  Coupling station, left side of rear lid
12 -  Rear left door lock
13 -  Rear left door control unit -J388-
14 -  Coupling station
15 -  Front left door lock
16 -  Driver door control unit -J386-
17 -  Central switch for window regulators
18 -  Button for central closing
19 -  Coupling station
20 -  Alarm horn -H12-
21 -  Bonnet contact switch -F266-
Central locking

Removing and installing ignition key battery
Removing     –  Folding out key bit -1--arrow a-. –  Use a small screw ...

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Special connector systems
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Removing and installing fog light bulb -L22-/-L23-
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Separating control unit from hydraulic unit
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