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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Deactivating APP function of wiper motor

The windscreen wiper system is equipped with an APP function (alternating park position).
With the APP function, the wiper is moved up slightly once it has reached the lowest position. This occurs every second time the wiper system is switched off.
To fit the motor crank on the wiper motor, it is necessary for the motor to be in the lowest park position. To ensure this position is reached, the APP function must be deactivated.
The APP function cannot be activated.
After 100 cycles of wiper movement, the APP function is activated automatically. This applies to wiper motors on which the APP function has been deactivated and also to new wiper motors.
–  Connect vehicle diagnostic tester → Chapter.
–  Deactivate APP function of wiper motor → Vehicle diagnostic tester.
Following successful completion of APP function coding / deactivation, the wiper motor is located in the lower park position after the next wipe cycle.
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