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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Connecting vehicle diagnostic tester

Observe the latest operating instructions for vehicle diagnosis tester, which are displayed after selecting the “Administration” and “Operating Manual” keys.
Special tools and workshop equipment required
Vehicle diagnostic tester

Connecting vehicle diagnostic tester

Diagnostic cable -VAS 5051/6A- (5 m)
Diagnostic cable -VAS 5051/5A- (3 m)
Only these cables are to be used for diagnosis, as they are the only ones fitted with CAN wiring and therefore allowing CAN diagnosis and/or CAN communication.
Connecting vehicle diagnostic tester:
–  Apply handbrake.
–  Vehicles with automatic gearbox, move selector lever to position “P” or “N”.
–  Vehicles with manual gearbox, move gear lever to neutral position.

Connecting vehicle diagnostic tester

–  With ignition switched off, connect vehicle diagnosis tester using diagnostic cable -VAS 5051/6A- to diagnostic interface -arrow- in vehicle.
–  Switch on ignition.
–  Switch off all electrical consumers.
All other and the following vehicle diagnostic, testing and information systems or vehicle diagnostic and service information systems are connected accordingly in the sequence described above.

Connecting vehicle diagnostic tester

Vehicle diagnostic, testing and information systems
  WARNING During testing or measuring operations using a vehicle diagnostic information system there is a risk of ...

Connecting vehicle diagnostic tester Golf Model Year 1998 - 2003
–  Apply handbrake. –  Vehicles with automatic gearbox, move selector lever to position “P” or “N”. ...

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