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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Assembly overview - tyre pressure sensor, tyre pressure sensor with valve

Assembly overview - tyre pressure sensor, tyre pressure sensor with valve

1 -  Tyre pressure sensor
Supplied complete as spare part.
Removing and installing → Chapter
Replace complete tyre pressure sensor when battery is dead
After using breakdown set, wipe clean hole for valve and opening for pressure sensor
2 -  Valve core
Allocation → Electronic Parts Catalogue “ETKA”
Always renew when changing tyre
Always use a Genuine valve core only. It has a special coating!
3 -  Sealing washer
Will be slightly deformed when the union → Item nut is tightened
4 -  Sealing ring
5 -  Wheel rim
Fitting tyres with run-flat properties → Chapter
Fitting tyres of wheels with tyre pressure monitoring → Chapter
6 -  Union nut
8 Nm
7 -  Valve cap
Use only genuine valve caps from repair set → Electronic Parts Catalogue “ETKA”.
Do not use convenience valve caps or metal valve caps.
Assembly overview - tyre pressure sensor

Assembly overview - tyre pressure sensor, tyre pressure sensor without valve
1 -  Valve cap 2 -  Nut Separate part of → Item. Specified torque → Anchor ...

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