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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Checklist for evaluating running gear on accident vehicles

Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual / Running gear, axles, steering / Technical data / Checklist for evaluating running gear on accident vehicles

Damage to running gear may go unnoticed during repairs to load-bearing and suspension parts of accident vehicles. Under certain circumstances, this undiscovered damage could lead to serious consequential damage during later vehicle operation. Therefore, the following parts of accident vehicles must be examined in the manner and order described independent of wheel alignment which may have to be performed. If no deviations from specifications are measured during wheel alignment, there are no deformations of the running gear.
Visual and functional examination of steering system
Visual examination for deformation and cracks
Examination for play in track rod joints and steering rack
Visual examination for tears in boots
Examine electrical and hydraulic lines and hoses for chafing, cuts and kinks.
Check hydraulic lines, threaded connections and steering rack for leaks.
Check steering rack and lines for secure seating
Check for flawless function from lock to lock by moving the steering from stop to stop. In the process, the steering wheel must turn with a constant force without resistance.
Visual inspection and functional check of running gear
Adhere to the sequence of the following inspection steps!
Check all components shown in the assembly overviews for deformation, cracks and other damage
Renew damaged parts
Align wheels on a Volkswagen AG-approved wheel alignment stand
Visual and functional check of wheels and tyres
Check for true running and imbalance.
Check tyres for cuts and impact damage in tread and on flanks. → Chapter
Check tyre inflation pressure; information on mandatory tyre inflation pressure can be found on a sticker attached to B-pillar on driver side or to inside of tank flap.
If rim of wheel and/or tyre is damaged, renew tyre. This also applies if the circumstances of the accident and the damage to the vehicle indicate possible damage which is not visible.
A further factor in the decision is the age of the tyre. Tyres should not be older than 6 years.
If in doubt, the following always applies:
Whenever a safety risk cannot be excluded, the tyre(s) must be renewed.
Entire vehicle
Also check other vehicle systems such as:
Brake system including ABS
Visual and functional examination of exhaust system and passenger protection
Specifications for testing and adjusting can be found in the respective workshop manual in ELSA.
The accident vehicle check described here applies to the running gear. This makes no claim to completeness for the overall vehicle.
Electronic vehicle systems
Safety-relevant systems such as ABS/EDL; airbags; electronically regulated suspension systems; electromechanical or electrohydraulic steering and other driver assist systems must be read with the → Vehicle diagnostic tester for possibly stored fault messages. If faults are saved in the event memories of the systems mentioned above, repair them according to instructions in workshop manuals in ELSA. Following repairs, read event memories of the affected systems again to ensure that complete function has been restored.
Raising wheel bearing assembly to unladen position (vehicles with coil springs), rear axle
Special tools and workshop equipment required Engine and gearbox jack -V.A.G 1383 A- Tensioning strap -T10038- Support -T10149- ...


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