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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Assembly overview - rear window wiper system

Assembly overview - rear window wiper system

1 -  Cap
2 -  Nut
Specified torque: 12 Nm
3 -  Wiper arm with joint-free wiper
Removing and installing → Chapter
Adjusting park position → Chapter
Removing and installing joint-free wipers → Chapter.
4 -  Seal
In rear window
Renew if damaged → Chapter.
Removing and installing → Chapter
5 -  Rear window wiper motor -V12-
Removing and installing → Chapter
6 -  M6 nut with washer
Qty. 3
Specified torque: 8 Nm
7 -  Rubber ring
Qty. 3
8 -  Spacer
Qty. 3
Rear window wiper system

Removing and installing wiper blade
  Caution Risk of damage to the wiper blade. Joint-free wipers are very flexible. To lift the ...

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