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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Snow chains

Assembly and use of snow chains
Snow chains must be fitted to driven wheels only.
On all-wheel drive vehicles, however, only the front wheels may be fitted with snow chains.
It is not possible to use snow chains with all wheel and tyre combinations. Notes on this can be found in the vehicle tables of the certificate statement.
If no particular type of snow chain is specified, then small-link chains may be used. These, including the chain fastener, may not protrude more than 15 mm beyond the wheel's tread and the inner wall.
On some models, only special, small-link chains are possible with certain wheel and tyre combinations. Notes on this can be found in the vehicle tables of the certificate statement.
The maximum speed permitted by law when driving with snow chains is 50 km/h.
Snow chains should be removed when there is no snow on the road. There is no point in having them on the wheels, as they adversely affect the vehicle's handling. It causes unnecessary stress on the tyres and above average wear on the chains.
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