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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Overview of fitting locations - telephone system

Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual / Communication / Infotainment / Telephone system / Overview of fitting locations - telephone system

Overview of fitting locations - telephone system

1 -  Telephone microphone -R38-
In front interior light -W1-.
Removing and installing → Chapter
2 -  Control unit 1 for information electronics -J794-
In glove compartment.
Removing and installing → Chapter
3 -  Aerial amplifier for mobile telephone -R86-
Behind luggage compartment side trim panel (right-side)
Removing and installing → Chapter.
Mobile telephone preparation, Bluetooth car phone online
The Bluetooth car phone is integrated in control unit 1 for information electronics -J794-. Connection to mobile telephone -R54- is established via ...

Removing and installing telephone microphone -R38-
Removing –  Switch off ignition and all electrical consumers, and remove ignition key. –  Removing f ...

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