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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Overview - multifunction steering wheel

Overview - multifunction steering wheel

1 -  Tiptronic switch in steering wheel to shift down -E439-
Removing and installing → Chapter.
2 -  3-spoke steering wheel
3 -  Tiptronic switch in steering wheel to shift up -E438-
Removing and installing → Chapter.
4 -  Bolt
1.2 Nm
5 -  Trim
6 -  Multifunction buttons on right in steering wheel -E441-
Removing and installing → Chapter.
7 -  Multifunction buttons on left in steering wheel -E440-
Removing and installing → Chapter.
8 -  Bolt
Qty. 6
Layout - multi-function steering wheel
For a better usability of infotainment, telephone, navigation, cruise control system and vehicle menu, buttons are integrated in steering wheel. For Tiptronic, additi ...

Removing and installing steering wheel multifunction buttons -E441-/-E440-
Special tools and workshop equipment required     Removal wedge -3409-, qty. 2   ...

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