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Volkswagen Golf Owners Manual: Introduction

This chapter contains information on the following subjects:

 → Technical requirements  

 → Mechanically positioned ball coupling  

 → Fitting a bicycle carrier on the mechanically positioned ball coupling  

 → Hitching and connecting the trailer  

 → Loading the trailer  

 → Towing a trailer  

 → Trailer stabilisation  

 → Retrofitting a towing bracket  

 → Maximum permitted trailer weights  

 → Maximum permitted gross combination weight  

Observe any country-specific regulations when towing a trailer and using a towing bracket.

Your car is intended mainly for transporting passengers and luggage. However, it can also be used to tow a trailer or caravan, provided that it is fitted with the necessary equipment. This additional load will affect the durability, fuel consumption and performance of the vehicle and, in certain circumstances, can shorten the service intervals.

Driving with a trailer not only places an extra load on the vehicle, but also requires increased concentration on the part of the driver.

In low temperatures, fit winter tyres to both the vehicle and the trailer.

Drawbar load

The maximum permitted weight exerted by the trailer drawbar on the ball coupling of the towing bracket must not exceed 80 kg.

Vehicles with a start/stop system

When using a factory-fitted towing bracket or a towing bracket retrofitted by Volkswagen, the start/stop system is automatically deactivated as soon as a trailer is attached.

If the connected trailer is not recognised, or when using towing brackets that were not retrofitted by Volkswagen, the start/stop system must be deactivated manually using the button in the centre console before starting to tow a trailer, and must remain switched off for as long as the trailer is being towed  .

Vehicles with Driving Mode Selection

When using a factory-fitted towing bracket or a towing bracket retrofitted by Volkswagen, the Eco driving mode is blocked as soon as a trailer is attached.

If the vehicle is set to the Eco driving mode when the trailer is attached, the vehicle automatically switches to the Normal driving mode. If the connected trailer cannot be recognised, or when using a towing bracket that was not retrofitted by Volkswagen, Normal driving mode must be selected manually before towing a trailer  .

Additional information and warnings:


It is dangerous to transport people in a trailer and it may also be illegal.


Improper use of the towing bracket can cause injury and accidents.


Towing a trailer and transporting heavy or bulky items can change the way the vehicle's handling. This can lead to accidents.


The start/stop system must always be switched off manually when towing a trailer using towing brackets that have not been retrofitted by Volkswagen. Otherwise faults can occur in the brake system, possibly resulting in accidents and serious injuries.

Always switch off the anti-theft alarm when a trailer is being hitched or unhitched   . The tilt sensor could otherwise trigger an alarm unnecessarily.

In new vehicles, do not tow a trailer during the first 1,000 km   .

Volkswagen recommends removing or swivelling in the ball coupling before driving without a trailer if possible. In the event of a rear-end collision, the level of vehicle damage sustained could be greater if the ball coupling is fitted than if it is not.

In some models, the towing bracket is required for towing vehicles. For this reason, the retro-fitted towing bracket ball coupling should be stored in the vehicle at all times.

Towing a trailer

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