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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Checking charge air system for leaks

Special tools and workshop equipment required
Charge air system tester -V.A.G 1687-
  Checking charge air system for leaks
–  Release hose clips -1- and -2-, and remove air pipe.

Checking charge air system for leaks

–  Connect adapter -V.A.G 1687/15- with adapter -V.A.G 1687/11- to turbocharger.
–  Connect hose -1- of charge air system tester -V.A.G 1687- to adapter.

Checking charge air system for leaks

Prepare charge air system tester -V.A.G 1687- as follows:
–  Unscrew pressure control valve -2- completely, close valves -3- and -4-.
To turn the pressure regulating valve -2- the knob must be pulled upwards.
–  Connect charge air system tester -V.A.G 1687- to compressed air -1- via commercial adapter.
If there is water in the sight glass, drain at water drain screw -6-.
–  Open valve -3-.
Risk of damage to engine
Risk of damage because pressure is set too high.
The pressure must not exceed 0.5 bar!
–  Adjust pressure to 0.5 bar with pressure control valve -2-.
–  Open valve -4- and wait until test circuit is full. If necessary, readjust pressure to 0.5 bar.
–  Check charge air system for leaks by listening, touching, with commercially available leak detector spray or using ultrasonic tester -V.A.G 1842-.
A small amount of air escapes through the valves and enters the engine. Therefore a holding pressure test is not possible.
How to use the ultrasonic tester -V.A.G 1842- → operating instructions
Before removing the adapter, release pressure in the test circuit by pulling off hose coupling.
Installation is carried out in the reverse order; note the following:
Renew seal and O-rings.
Specified torques
→ Fig. „“Installing air ducts with screw-type clips”“

Checking charge air system for leaks

Removing and installing charge air cooler
Special tools and workshop equipment required     Hose clamps up to 25 mm -3094-   ...

Mixture preparation system, electronic inj., Gas

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