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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Charging battery in maintenance mode with solar panel -VAS 6102A-

Solar panel VAS 6102A
General description:
Solar panel -VAS 6102A- supports onboard supply and prevents spontaneous battery discharging.
Solar panel -VAS 6102A- achieves max. voltage of 14.3 V and a charge current of max. 255 mA.
Solar panel -VAS 6102A- may be used for charging all rechargeable lead or lead gel batteries.
Solar panel -VAS 6102A- is connected to diagnostic connection in vehicle.
A green LED is integrated in the frame to indicate its function. The brighter the LED, the higher the charging current.
Integrated electronics prevent battery overcharging.

Charging battery in maintenance mode with solar panel -VAS 6102A-

–  Secure solar panel -VAS 6102A- on interior mirror -1-.
–  Place underside on dash panel -2-.
Solar panel -VAS 6102A- may not lie fully on dash panel. It may only be positioned with the bottom edge for support. Placing it fully on the surface can result in discolouration of the dash panel.
–  Pull attachment string tight so that solar panel -VAS 6102A- is positioned close to windscreen.
–  Connect solar panel -VAS 6102A- to diagnostic connection of vehicle. Connection procedure is as for vehicle diagnostic tester → Chapter
–  Check function of solar panel -VAS 6102A-. Green LED indicates function of solar panel -VAS 6102A-.

Charging battery in maintenance mode with solar panel -VAS 6102A-

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